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OnPoint Fencing and Decking is your resource for aluminum fence installation in Salem, OR. Whether you want more security around the property or are simply looking to give it an updated look with some curb appeal – we have a wide variety of styles that will work perfectly!

Designing a fence that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional can be challenging. Let our Oregon company help you ensure yours has all the right features with their extensive line of products, including panels, gates, posts—and even deck layouts!

Advantages of an Aluminum Fence

Your yard is a great place to spend time, but what if you can’t get out? A good fence will make all the difference. There are many fences that provide different things depending on your needs and preferences: some offer privacy while others give style or space; there’s even an option for lightweight water resistant aluminum construction if staying dry isn’t as important! Here are some reasons to consider having it:

  • Low cost: Aluminium is an excellent choice for those looking to save money. It’s less costly than other materials like iron or steel, and some types of chain link fences too!
  • Style: Aluminium fences are an affordable and stylish way to enclose your property. The traditional, modern or custom designs can be customized with any design you want for the perfect look!
  • Security: Alumium fences offer a more secure fencing solution because they don’t have natural footholds like chain link does.
  • Rust-free: What’s the deal with aluminum, you ask? Well it turns out that this material doesn’t rust and is actually less resistant to corrosion than many other fencing materials.
  • Low-maintenance: The hassle of repainting an aluminum fence is gone with the stroke of a brush. These fences require virtually no maintenance, which means that you can enjoy your fresh new color for years without worrying about chipping or peeling away at some point in time!
  • Eco Friendly: The environment is important to us and we want you not only as our customer but also for the future. That’s why aluminum fences are more environmentally friendly than other types because they don’t need paint or chemicals, giving back what was given when recycling them at least once in their life time!

Aluminum Fence Maintenance

The aluminum fence is a great choice for homeowners who want an attractive and durable barrier around their home. Although this low maintenance type of fencing requires little upkeep, it’s important to know what you can do in order get the longest life out your fences so that they will last as long or longer than possible!

Keep Dirt to a Minimum

If you want a fence that will last for years, an aluminum one is your best choice. Unlike wood fences which can be damaged by harsh weather and insect damage as well as dirt mixed with chemicals from yard work or well water used in irrigation; these aren’t problems when it comes to maintaining the integrity of this type metal structure!

Keep it Clean

The powder coating on aluminum fences makes them easy to clean and maintain. Simply lather up with dish soap, then spray down the outside of your fence for an extra protection against dirt or critters!

Use Simple Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions can be as simple as soap and water. If you have small areas of the fence that need extra cleaning, dish soap can be used.

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How to Choose an Aluminum Fence

With so many fences on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best fence for your needs. A reputable Salem, Oregon fence company will be able to help you choose the perfect fence. 

There are many aluminum fences to choose from, and some may be cheaper than others. But if you’re looking for a low price with poor quality or durability then this might not work well in your favour- it could lead down an even worse path!

Also, when you’re looking for a fencing company, it’s important that the supplier has an established reputation. You don’t want to open yourself up risk by purchasing from new suppliers or hiring inexperienced installers; talking about previous experiences with friends and family can help guide your decision in choosing who will be best suited as far as quality goes!

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You deserve a beautiful yard that is just as elegant and welcoming. Our aluminum fences are available in the most popular styles, with ball caps for added flair – no matter what you’re looking to do our team has an option perfect tailored specifically towards your needs!


Is aluminum fencing more expensive than wood?

The up-front cost is lower than that of an aluminum or steel fencing. On average, a wooden fence can cost between $1600 and $4000 depending on the type. On the other hand, an aluminum fence can range between $2000 and $5000.

Which is cheaper aluminum or steel fence?

Aluminium Fencing, Because aluminium fences can be recycled after they’re no longer in use, they offer a much better green footprint for our environment. Aluminium fencing is the cheaper substitute and mimics the look of more expensive materials like wrought iron and steel.

Is aluminum fence good for dogs?

Aluminum fences are made to be safe for both children and pets. The pickets at the top of the fence are helpful to stop anyone or anything from climbing over the fence.

Can you paint an aluminum fence?

Choose a primer that is intended for fences and driveway gates in aluminum to ensure it will last. Once the primer is dry, you can paint the fence.

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