Cedar Fencing Styles: A Complete Guide

cedar fencing styles

Cedar is a popular choice for fencing material due to its natural beauty, durability, and resistance to rot and insects. Regarding cedar fencing styles, there are several options, each with unique features and benefits. This blog post will explore some of the most common cedar fencing styles and what makes them stand out.

Overview of Popular Cedar Fencing Styles

Cedar fencing is one of the most popular materials for outdoor fences due to its natural beauty and durability. No matter your style, you can rest assured that a cedar fence will last many years on your property. Several cedar fencing styles include picket, Privacy Fencing, lattice, ranch, and split-rail.

Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing is popular for homeowners who want to create a secluded outdoor space. Cedar privacy fences can range from 4 to 8 feet tall, providing high privacy and security. These fences can be constructed using a variety of design styles, such as board-on-board, shadowbox, or solid panels.

Board-on-board fencing is one of the most common styles of cedar privacy fencing. This design features overlapping vertical boards that provide complete privacy while allowing air circulation. The boards can be spaced apart to allow for some light and airflow, or they can be installed tightly together for maximum privacy.

Shadowbox fencing is another popular option for cedar fencing. This design features alternating boards on either side of the fence, creating a visually appealing pattern. The alternating boards provide some privacy while allowing some visibility through the fence.

Solid panel fencing is a less common style of cedar privacy fencing, but it provides the highest level of privacy. This design features solid cedar panels with no gaps between the boards.

Picket Fencing

Picket fencing is a classic style often associated with the traditional American home. Cedar picket fences are popular because they are functional and decorative, providing a charming accent to any property. Picket fences are typically 3 to 4 feet tall and can be designed with different spacing and shapes for the pickets.

Dog-eared picket fencing is a popular style that features pickets with a flat top and angled corners. This design creates a classic look and provides a traditional, charming aesthetic. French gothic picket fencing is another popular option that features pickets with a pointed top and a concave curve at the top.

Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fencing is a rustic style often used to define property lines or enclose large land areas. Cedar split rail fences are popular because they are durable and withstand harsh weather conditions. This style of fencing consists of rough-cut cedar rails installed horizontally between cedar posts. Split rail fencing can be designed with two or three rails and customized with features like wire mesh for added security.

Ranch Style Fencing

Ranch-style fencing is popular for homeowners with large properties or those wanting to create a rustic, western aesthetic. Cedar ranch fencing typically comprises horizontal boards spaced apart to allow for airflow and visibility. This design is functional and can be used to enclose large land areas or create a perimeter fence around a property.

Lattice Fencing

Lattice fencing is a decorative style that can add visual interest and depth to a fence. Cedar lattice fencing features a crisscross pattern of thin slats that can be installed either vertically or horizontally. This style of fencing can be used to create a unique accent fence or as a decorative feature on top of a solid panel fence.


Cedar fencing comes in various styles, each with unique benefits and features. Whether you’re looking for privacy, charm, or a rustic aesthetic, a cedar fencing style can meet your needs. When choosing a style of cedar fencing, consider the fence’s purpose, the level of privacy or security you require, and your overall aesthetic preferences. With so many options, you’re sure to find a cedar fence that is both functional and beautiful. If you need advice about Cedar Fencing Styles, contact us today for help.


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