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The Company that specializes in all types of fencing, OnPoint Fencing and Decking has been building safe pet enclosures for over many years to meet specific requirements of each community. If you are looking a dog fence company with experience installing high quality products tailored specifically towards your home’s needs then look no further than us! We will work with you to customize a beautiful, safe, and long-lasting dog fence that will keep your pets safe and secure for many years to come.

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With our extensive buying power in the fence and rail industry, we offer you a simple process for your dog’s protection. As best company to call ourselves “experts” at OnPoint Fencing & Decking understands how important it is that clients receive personalized service from start-to finish.

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OnPoint Fencing & Decking provides the best dog fences on market with an expansive stock of materials and streamlined design process. You will receive high-quality products in less time than other companies because our goal is to provide you excellence throughout your project! If you are in immediate need for a fence to protect your dog in your home, we will work to quickly fulfill it.

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Our fences are made from 43% thicker vinyl than other companies, which means your pet will have an even more sturdy and durable fencing solution. And with our proprietary technologies you can be sure that it won’t fade or crack anytime soon!  Our Privacy Lock feature locks your fence panels in place, producing a sturdier fence line with less risk of structural failure.

A Quality Wood Dog Fence For Your Furry Family Members

The wood fences we build are beautiful and affordable. Made from scratch with hot-dipped, galvanized ring shank nails that won’t pull apart or corrode your fence over time – it’s a great option for dog owners looking to protect their home! Wood dog fences are perfect if you want an organic looking fence to complement natural or professionally landscaped surroundings. We know that you and your pet deserve the best, so give us a call today for an estimate on best dog fences. Our fencing & decking experts are standing by ready to help!


What is the cheapest fence for dogs?

For those not wanting to DIY, chain link is a good option as it’s among the cheapest dog fences. However wooden privacy fence installation does require professional help and vinyl panels cost more than wood ones do.

What is the best fence to keep dogs in yard?

The durability of vinyl fences make them a great choice for your dog. They’re 5 times stronger than wood and won’t twist, warp or split over time so you don’t need to worry about it rusting either!

What is a good fence height for dogs?

The fence that you choose should be based on the size of your dog. For larger breeds, go with an 6-ft tall privacy fences while small dogs can get by with 3 1/2 feet in height.

What is the most durable fence for dogs?

Metal fences are the best choice for durability. They can withstand even harsh weather conditions and will not rust or rot over time like other materials may do, making them more reliable in areas where it rains heavily such as near lakesides with salt water beaches!

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