Project Overview: We have been commissioned to install a 6-foot tall Cedar lattice solid-style fence for a residential property in Salem, Oregon. This project will encompass the entire perimeter of the property, providing both privacy and aesthetic appeal.


  • Cedar Wood: We are using high-quality cedar wood known for its durability and natural resistance to weather and pests.
  • Lattice Panels: The top section of the fence will feature lattice panels for a decorative touch and to allow light and airflow.
  • Metal Posts: For added stability, we'll be using metal posts that are both sturdy and rust-resistant.

Design Specifications:

  • Height: The fence will stand 6 feet tall, complying with local zoning laws.
  • Style: The fence will feature a solid base for privacy, with the upper foot consisting of latticework.
  • Finish: The cedar will be treated with a clear protective sealant to enhance its natural color and longevity.

Installation Process:

  • Site Preparation: Our team will begin by clearing the fence line and marking the boundary accurately.
  • Post Installation: Metal posts will be anchored into the ground at regular intervals to ensure a stable foundation.
  • Panel Fitting: Cedar panels will be securely attached to the posts, followed by the lattice sections.
  • Finishing Touches: The entire fence will be treated with a sealant, and a final inspection will be conducted to ensure quality and durability.
  • We are committed to delivering a high-quality fence that not only enhances the privacy and security of the property but also contributes to its overall aesthetic appeal. Our team of experienced cedar fence installation professionals will ensure that every aspect of this project is executed with precision and care.