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Imagine the peace of mind you would have when your yard is fenced in. A privacy fence provides not only security, but also an elegant touch to any property that is looking for curb appeal or needs protection for pets and children.

Wood fences are the perfect choice for many suburban homeowners in Salem. They come with a variety of wood types, cuts and shapes to choose from including slat-shaped panels that can be installed easily into any type or size opening you have available on your property! If they are treated properly these sturdy structures will stand up rain, wind, and snow storms and even old age as long as they’re maintained.

We have the ideal solution for your property needs. Whether you are looking for a simple solid style or a custom horizontal one, we will make sure it is done right with our professional design staff and high-quality materials.

We do not sacrifice on quality, which is why we can build you a strong, durable, good-looking wood fence in Salem and surrounding areas.

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What type of wood fence lasts the longest?

Redwood, cedar or pressure-treated pine last the longest. A fence can last about 20 years, if made of a rot resistant wood. Then posts are usually the first to go; panels survive longer because they typically don’t touch the ground. Fences must withstand year-round exposure to the element.

Is pine or cedar better for a fence?

Cedar is generally regarded as the stronger and more durable of these two woods. It does not need any special treatment and stands up well to the elements, with a low risk of warping and shrinking. Pine, on the other hand, is more at risk of buckling, warping, and shrinking.

How long will a wooden fence last?

When properly maintained — which includes replacing individual planks and boards as needed — a well-built wooden fence can last in good condition up to 20 years or more.

How long does it take to build a wood fence?

For standard yard sizes, building a wooden fence can take 1-2 days. For larger yards, installation can last as long as 3 days. Fencing contractors such as OnPoint Fencing and Decking can typically shorten this installation time. Overall, the duration of the installation process may vary depending on the complexity of the project and other factors such as weather conditions and access to the site.

How long does fence wood take to dry?

A good rule of thumb is to wait a month or two if the fence is made with dry materials. This will allow the wood to acclimate to the local climate and reach a moisture level that is suitable for staining or sealing. If the fence is made with pressure treated materials it may be 3-4 months for the posts to dry enough. Checking the moisture content of the posts with a moisture meter is important to ensure that the wood is dry enough for staining or sealing, as damp wood can lead to mold and rot.

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